November 17, 2014

Leslie, Scott & Elle // Ann Arbor Family Photographer

I. Love. This. Family.
They are so beautiful inside and out and even though little Elle was NOT happy about photo day...we managed just fine. I mean it's a tad hard to take a bad photo of this family. Seriously. 
Thanks for inviting me to your home - you guys rock!

November 16, 2014

November 15, 2014

Stephanie + Eric // Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer // Governor's Mansion + Royal Park Hotel

Oh Stephanie and Eric - how I adore you! Not only are you wine lovers and foodies... you are so wonderful to one another and your friends + family.  I hope these images remind you of how special your wedding day was in 40...50...60 years.

 First look with dad...

Josh // Class of 2015 // Plymouth Senior Photographer

Josh is such a handsome guy! Had a blast wandering around Plymouth for his shoot. FYI - getting a 17 year old guy to "loosen-up" and ENJOY photo time... well that takes skill. 
I think we did just fine :)

November 10, 2014

MacKenzie+Nate // Indianapolis Wedding Photographer // Canal 337

Getting back on track.... Excited to share this beautiful wedding from Indianapolis, Indiana.
Worked with the wonderful Spectacular Soirees and... MacKenzie's eyes... HELLO GORGEOUS! Expect a lot more posts moving forward because I am back in the blog world! Cheers!

June 3, 2013

Tillie turns Three // Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

Something I love about photography is capturing the little but significant moments. There is a raw-ness to this post - it's a 3 year old's birthday morning. I wasn't hired for this shoot... just happened to be staying there and I think that makes it even better. Nothing forced. Nothing Staged. The house isn't spotless and the kids' hair uncombed.  The excitement over balloons and eating cake for breakfast can remind you that life is short and seize every moment you can. Especially with family. Especially when there are presents. Especially when your photo friend is there with her camera.

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